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G. Tzanos won the national karate championship for one more year in the open category of +84 kilograms . The competition was held in 12 February 2023.

 Another medal was added to G. Tzanos collection, this time with the team category .  The captain of our National team G. Tzanos lifted the cup for our national team in a particularly emotional moment, as G. Tzanos together with the promising generation of our young champions, won the Bronze medal in the team category. Our country had won in the past ,  2 European medals in team competitions, one in 2009 (2nd place) and one in 2011 (1st place), in which G. Tzanos participated. So after 11 years, G. Tzanos, as the captain of our national team, managed to experience , one more huge success with his team by winning the team of Portugal in the final for bronze. 

European feat by the emperor of Greek karate George Giannos.

G. Tzanos won the Bronze Medal at the 56th European Championship in Croatia.
The leader of our National Team won the 10th individual European medal in his career. This time he competed in the difficult category of +84 kg, writing history, as he is one of the few athletes in the world with such a big record.

Ehrlich gesagt habe ich KEINE Ahnung, wie viele Stages ich schon besucht habe – es waren SEHR viele, da ich davon überzeugt bin, dass man von JEDEM lernen kann (sowohl für sich selbst, als auch für jene, die einem anvertraut sind / werden).

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